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Hand knitting process.


natalia.warwas jewellery is addressed to women of all ages who appreciate elegance, simple forms and rich content. The jewellery looks great with classic stylistic solutions. Its very form is the result of long hours of work with silver of the highest hallmark Ag999 using, among others, circular weaving technique on five millimeter knitting needles. Its outcome is soft and pleasant in touch which contrasts with the material from which it is made. This  type of jewellery craft technique became an inspiration  to create the collection. It is a nod to the fading tradition of the transmission of sewing and crocheting skills between generations. A woman wearing jewellery by Natalia Warwas highlights her gentle feminine nature in a very refined and delicate way.

necklace n°4 silver / plated gold / oxidized

  • necklace n°4 silver / plated gold / oxidized

    diameter : ~4cm

    lenghth : ~45cm

    ~65m of wire Ag999

    weight ~45g

    silver fastening Ag930

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